Kanye May Have Deleted Instagram, But Kim Is Still Busy Posting Dad Pics Of Him

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My baby boo @thekidssupply

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Last week Kanye deleted his Twitter and Instagram, which instead of feeling like a surprising move, actually made me jealous. Social media in 2017 is rife with terrible political news and opinions (this is true whatever side you’re on), and people just out to bully and shame one another. In short — it’s a cesspool. So, if Kanye wants to remove that negativity from his life, more power to him. Lord knows he has enough other sh*t to deal with, and hopefully another album to get out for us this year. Where my Turbografx 16 believers at?

Anyway, despite removing his own channels there is a good chance we will always be getting a glimpse of Yeezy on social media anyway, via the ever-popping Instagram of his wife, Kim Kardashian. As the couple prep the launch of their kidswear line, Kim posted an adorable snapshot of a passed out North sleeping on her daddy’s shoulder while he carries her.

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