Wired’s Oral History Of The Comedy ‘Alligator Boots’ Recounts the First Time Kanye Met Kim Kardashian

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It’s one of the great lost television series of the last decade. Alligator Boots stemmed from the mind of Kanye West as his great foray into the world of comedy. Though it only ever made it to the pilot stage, it’s memory lives on as the first place that he ever met his eventual wife Kim Kardashian. In a new oral history of the doomed show put together by Wired, we now know in exact detail how that meeting went.

According to Daniel Kellison, one of the show’s creators the idea to cast Kim as the Princess Leia to his Storm Trooper came from the rapper himself. “Kanye came to me and said, ‘I want to put Kim Kardashian in the show.'” Director Tom Stern noted that of all of the elements on Alligator Boots, “That was probably the thing he was most certain about on the show.” Nevertheless, Kellison, “Told Kanye that it was a bad idea…You’re the star of the pilot. We can put Kim Kardashian in episode 3 or 4, but let’s focus on you.” But he resisted. Kanye is tenacious and he kept asking me about it, and finally we compromised and agreed to have her in a sketch.”

As for the moment when they actually met. “Kim Kardashian walks in, and I’m there to greet her with Kanye,” Kellison recalled. “I go, ‘Hi, I’m Daniel. I’m the executive producer. Nice to meet you, and this is Kanye.’ And Kanye goes, ‘Yeah, Dan didn’t want you on the show.’ She laughed—by the way, Kim Kardashian was lovely. A pro. She was really excited to be there. But I turned to Kanye afterwards and I go, ‘You motherf**ker, I should have told her that, when I first met you, you were watching her porn.’ And he starts laughing and goes, ‘Oh my God, you totally should have.'”

The whole thing is incredibly entertaining, and worth it for the new tidbits like how Kanye apparently had a painting of the Sistine Chapel mural of God touching fingers with Adam, but with himself put into it on the ceiling of his home. You can check it out here.

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