Thanks To LeBron And Jay Z, Tee Grizzley Is Having The Greatest Day Ever

06.15.17 7 months ago

If you know who Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley it’s likely because you’ve heard the beat drop on “First Day Out,” lost your mind and immediately proceeded to find the song and the rapper responsible for that surge of energy you felt. If not, that rock you’ve been living under must be mighty uncomfortable because Tee Grizzley has been everywhere as of late.

He’s having an incredible year, his mixtape My Moment is one of the best rap releases of the year and his star has grown exponentially thanks to “First Day Out” and “From The D To The A” with fellow breakout star Lil Yachty. What happened to Grizzley today may have topped all of that in just a few hours because out of nowhere the best basketball player in the world and the best rapper of all-time decided to shout him out in their own separate ways.

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