Live Nation Is Postponing Six Shows In New York This Weekend In The Wake Of Fatal Shooting

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Days after a judge declared that rapper Troy Ave be held without bail following the now infamous fatal shooting at Manhattan concert venue Irving Plaza last week, Rolling Stone is reporting that Live Nation will postpone six shows set to take place in New York over the weekend. Four hip-hop acts–Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, Vince Staples, and YG–were among those scheduled to perform at Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theatre beginning Thursday.

The first bit of news trickled out after Joey Bada$$–in a since deleted tweet–stated “So NYPD cancelled my show at Irving Plaza tmrw…FYI.” In a subsequent tweet, Bada$$ announced his show’s cancellation again, this time with no reference to the NYPD.

Soon after the Joey’s tweets went out, Rolling Stone posted their report including a quote from a Live Nation representative who indicated that the cancellations and postponement were to give the two venues time to work with the NYPD to finalize their strategy for music shows going foward:

“In light of last week’s tragic event, we are acting with an overabundance of caution and coordinating a going forward strategy with the New York Police Department that may also include a curfew,” a spokesperson for Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theatre tells Rolling Stone. “Because these discussions with New York Police Department are ongoing, we will be postponing a few of our upcoming shows.”

At this point, we don’t know how this shooting will continue to affect hip-hop shows in New York or elsewhere in the country, but learning that two of the most well known music venues in the country are working closely with the police to consider a “strategy” for hosting shows is worth monitoring going forward.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton showed a clear bias against hip-hop music and its artists in a radio interview the day after the tragic incident, stating that “so-called rap artists who are basically thugs, that basically celebrate violence they did all their lives, and unfortunately that violence oftentimes manifests itself during their performances and that’s exactly what happened last evening.” If the top cop has this attitude going into discussions with concert venues, what kind of treatment can hip-hop fans and performers expect to encounter at the next show? Will there even be a next show?

Stay tuned for more developments, but the shooting at Irving Plaza will continue to have a negative impact in the weeks and months to come as the family of Ronald “BSBBanga” McPhatter mourns his loss, several others nurse their injuries, and the career and freedom of Troy Ave hangs in the balance.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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