Lupe Fiasco Responds To Criticism From D.L. Hughley For Not Voting

09.20.12 5 years ago 56 Comments

“He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the weight of the world. Young black men are going to listen to him. They are the ones who have decisions made for them, [decisions] that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me. You can’t go through life and not be a participant, and hope things work out for your benefit. When you vote or not vote, you are saying yes or no.”
– D.L. Hughley (Hot 93.7)

Just lettin you “Lupe Dumb Cuz He Don’t Vote” crowd know that if y’all don’t #LeeMeAlone my niggas #YallGoneGetThisWork. Yo @rolandsmartin obama ain’t gone lose cuz of me and my raps dawg…Now I’m begging you bruh bruh. Sick of u uppity black niggas hiding behind your political correctness…MLK JR would be ashamed of yall…we still dying in these streets.. Wasting away in these prisons and trapped in mental slavery and all you niggas can come up with is VOTE your way out?!?

Nigga what about the 4 yrs in between? DL hughley righteous ass still ain’t hollered about dropping that bread…u niggas is the worse. I got slave blood in these veins nigga this system you want us to participate in at 1point until very recently didn’t recognize my humanity. Let me heal from the wounds of 400 years of institutionalized agony and destruction first…then maybe I’ll think about voting… For a system and a government that kills and steals all over the fucking world with impunity and heartlessness for sake of what??? Not even in the name of GOD, in the name of corporate profit!! i aint voting 4 dat shit. U can unfollow if u want but #YallGoneGetThisWork
Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco responds to comments by D.L. Hughley made earlier this week. Who do you side with in this argument?

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