Jay Electronica And MF DOOM’s Unreleased Collab Song Surfaces

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Hip-hop is home to a number of mysterious and enigmatic figures. Jay Electronica’s myth is well-known. He’s a talented emcee who put the world on notice with Act I: Eternal Sunshine while also enraging fans with the constant delays of the follow-up, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). DOOM (aka MF Doom aka King Geedorah aka Zev Lov X) has a similarly peculiar air attached to his legacy, albeit his legend lies in making music while sending out imposters to perform it.

It stands to reason that two men moving the way they do would likely create something interesting should they ever join forces. And it turns out they have, per Pigs and Planes.

“DOOM (also known as MF DOOM) performed a remote set at this year’s South By Southwest festival in March, and it’s just now coming to light that the set included an unreleased collaboration with Jay Electronica. Earlier today, DOOM shared on Facebook a fan-shot video that was originally uploaded on April 8, which features the performance of the song. Neither performer was actually in attendance, and the title of the track is currently unknown.”

Given the background on both rappers it should come as no surprise that something like this would happen. An unreleased song by Jay Electronica and DOOM was played at a concert in which neither one was in attendance. Electronica has been choosy with this releases and, aside from a guest verse when the spirit moves him, hasn’t done much lately.

DOOM has been known to collaborate with others in the past. Perhaps the most famous of these collaborations is the long awaited joint album with Ghostface Killah. The two rappers have promised a collaboration album for a number of years. They’ve already shown how well they work together on 2005’s The Mask” from the The Mouse and the Mask, 2009’s “Angels” from DOOM’s Born Like This, and 2011’s superb “Victory Lap.”

The DOOM and Ghostface collaboration has been announced for 2016.

(Via Pigs and Planes)

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