Nicki Minaj Is Paying Student Loans And Tuition For Some Of Her Most Avid Fans

Hip-Hop Editor

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Maybe Nicki Minaj doesn’t have her own daytime talk show (yet), but there was no other person to compare her to tonight than the inimitable Oprah. When one intrepid fan asked Minaj to pay off their college loans, she actually decided to do just that.

After recently joining the video-dubbing app, issuing a #RegretInYourTears challenge to her fans to record creative videos dancing to her latest single, promising to fly out her favorites to hang out in the studio with her or visit with her at the Billboard Music Awards. But when @cjbydesign replied to one of the contest tweets with a tweet of his own — “Well you wanna pay my tuition?” they sparked a whole different sort of challenge on Nicki’s timeline.

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