Nicky From ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Having A Son Is The Ultimate ‘Feel Old Yet?’ Moment

10.03.16 1 year ago

Ahh, there’s nothing like those humbling moments in your life when you feel so old you wonder why AARP hasn’t reached out to you yet. Like when your younger relatives demand you cut off Jay Z for a Lil Thug 21 Yatchy Uzi Savage record where the only lyrics are “Gang! Gang! Gang!” and “Skrrrrttt!” Or when the actors/actresses behind a beloved TV show character actually grow up. Yeah, that’ll do it everytime.

Ross Bagley, who we met as Nicky Banks, on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from 1994-1996, is now an adult. It may be hard to wrap your geriatric mind around that irrefutable fact when Nicky can still be seen in all his adorableness on the tube every night via Fresh Prince reruns, but it’s true. At a surprising 27 years old, Nicky isn’t just a whole adult, he’s also a father to a “Lil Nicky” of his own.

The Little Rascals actor Instagrammed a cute father-and-son picture of his three-year-old mini me, Reese. Naturally, the picture had many Fresh Prince fans feeling old as hell. “Omg lil Nicky got a lil Nicky!!!” and “Wow! You are not a little kid no more!” were just some of the comments left on Bagley’s Instagram.

Nic–err–Bagely hasn’t really worked a steady acting gig since Fresh Prince ended 20 (?!) years ago, appearing in random TV spots and movies here and there.

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