Watch Pharrell Get Pixelated In His Minion Filled ‘Yellow Light’ Video

Senior Music Writer

It’s already June, which means we’re already way overdue for a new single by Pharrell that’s tailor-made to take over the radio for the next several months. The singer/producer extraordinaire rectified that oversight by unveiling a brand new track and it has all the makings for this year’s song of the summer. The song is titled “Yellow Light” and just like his monster hit “Happy” from a few years back, it’s affixed as part of the next Despicable Me soundtrack. As far as the feel, it’s about as carefree and breezy as you might expect a song designed to be included in the soundtrack for a major animated feature would be.

In addition to the song itself, Pharrell also dropped a brand new video to go along with it. The clip opens with Pharrell chilling on a stoop before taking off down the street. Eventually he’s joined up by some Minions who then ditch him for a cart full of bananas. At one point Pharrell finds a traffic sign and uses it to turn into an 8-bit, highly pixelated version of himself. The whole thing is lighthearted and carefree, designed specifically to get your little brother, sister, niece or nephew hopping up and down.

You can watch Pharrell’s “Yellow Light” video below.

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