Photo Of The Day: Fabolous Posted His Favorite Christmas Gift This Year

12.25.15 2 years ago 2 Comments

I love & appreciate all the gifts I received this year… But this was my favorite. The moment it captures is priceless to me. This is a picture taken at #TheYoungOGProject2 album photo shoot (will get to why we didn't release today in another post, so don't slander my comments lol) by @justgerard. As a artist I love to create but thru all I've done thru my artistic journey these two boys are my biggest & most proud creations. I live in being a father but this pic captured it in a moment for me. Thank You Gerard. And one more thing, People always say "what do you get for someone who has it all or can get it all?" Well that's when you step out of a materialistic box & do something like this. I'm sure it's worth outweighs it's cost by far. Merry Christmas to you all. #MerryChristmas

A photo posted by Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) on Dec 25, 2015 at 10:03am PST

Merry Christmas to everyone. Remember today is not only about receiving gifts cherish your family and loved ones. Fabolous speaks on “The Young OG Project 2” getting pushed back below.

Merry Christmas y'all.. As y'all know by now #TheYoungOGProject2 was scheduled to release today but didn't. I know it breaks my musical tradition & I also appreciate the love as well as y'all receive these projects during the holidays as a gift from me to you. But I decided to release it in February at Valentines Day/Weekend for a few reasons… 1. I ran out of time for my sample clearances. The difference in these projects being digital & not Mixtapes is that I have to clear the samples & some take more time than others. We have a good collection of songs & features so I would hate to lose music from the project because we were rushing to just make Christmas. 2. Summertime Shootout was well received.. I also put a lot of time into that tape. So I'd like a lil time to do videos, Merch, & even let the records breathe & grow. Which with y'all support it has been doing genuinely & organically. 3. Last Christmas' The Young OG Project was inspired by & themed around 90s Hip Hop.. To continue the wave but change it a bit, so The Young OG Project 2 is inspired by 90's R&B. & wit that said 90s R&B was based on stories of LOVE. And a holiday that represents LOVE is coming soon. Less than a month & a half for those who act like I'm pushing back far from now. But this also allows time for 1. & 2. & still connecting to a Holiday. So bare wit the change, enjoy #SummertimeShootout & what's coming from it for a few more weeks. I will deliver when the time is right. THANK YOU. HAPPY HOLIDAYS P.S. Think I'll release Nu Gambino ft. Jazzy & the video for She Wildin' ft. Chris Brown as a #TheYoungOGProject 1 year anniversary gift this evening. Can't help but give y'all somethin. Tis the season… #YOGI

A photo posted by Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) on Dec 25, 2015 at 1:42pm PST

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