Altlanta Producer Southside Says Future And Young Thug’s ‘Super Slimey’ Is ‘Just A Teaser’

10.25.17 3 months ago


Future and Young Thug pleased many of their fans with their Super Slimey collaborative album — but according to producer Southside, that may be just the beginning. He told Complex that the surprise album released last Friday was only a small fraction of what the two famously prolific artists put together, and they have another project (or more) coming down the pipeline.

Southside said the two artists, who have been in the studio as early as June of 2016, have recorded over 600 to 700 songs, and the 13 picks for Super Slimey “aren’t even the hardest” tracks that the two have recorded. The surprise project, of which Southside produced three songs, is just “a teaser.”

When can we expect the next project? “It has no official timetable because we don’t work like that,” he said. Southside also divulged that the next project may not be called Super Slimey 2, but What A Slime To Be Alive, a play on the title of Future and Drake’s 2015 project. “You never know, we are with the element of surprise. We just keep working and whatever comes out next comes out next.”

With Black Friday and Christmas coming, there are a couple major dates left in the year that the two artists could drop their follow-up project on. Let’s see if it happens.

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