The RIAA Is Now Cutting Off Internet Connections

12.19.08 9 years ago 11 Comments

After suing more than 35,000 people for illegally sharing music since 2003, the RIAA has reached agreements with several ISPs to cut off subscribers’ internet connections if they ignore warnings to stop, has confirmed.A highly-placed source close to the situation independently confirmed the labels are planning to abandon their lawsuit strategy. The source asked not to be identified.

Music fans may feel some relief that sharing music will no longer put them at risk of a lawsuit, assuming their ISP is one of those that has agreed to the plan. However, the biggest beneficiary of the new deal is the RIAA itself, which has seen its investigative techniques questioned and suffered key setbacks in court while paying extensive attorneys’ fees to pursue cases through the normal legal channels.

Full Story: Wired

Interesting article, seems like the RIAA has had little success against piracy. They are wisely moving on from lawsuits and now plan to shut down internet accounts for people distributing music. Is there anything that can be done to really hinder illegal music downloads?

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