T.I. Hosts Stripper Job Fair To Boost Atlanta’s Economic Recovery

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<> on May 9, 2016 in Atlanta City.

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T.I. is doing his part to help with America’s economic recovery. Specifically if you’re a female with “a well-rounded butt, toned body and tight abs” according to TMZ. That’s right, the rapper/actor is opening a strip club in Atlanta and held auditions this past week and the women, all 1600 of them, came out in droves to see if he had any positions they could fill. Pole or otherwise.

Tip isn’t the first person to host a stripper job fair, but he’s looking to start his V Live club on the right foot. He and his business partner are only looking for 100 women at this time, which sucks for the majority of those who attended the audition. But, like anyone looking for work, assertiveness, patience, and coping with disappointment are a few of the most important characteristics one can have.

The video shows several beautiful women, all half-naked of course, walking around a fancy ballroom being told to fill out insurance waivers. Apparently, this club will have “two rings” and if they fall off the side on their ass, “that’s their ass,” according to the guy speaking. On first blush, I’m not sure how he’s going to pick just 100. But I’m sure the search was extensive, thorough, and very hands-on to ensure that only the breast best of the best made the final cut. 

Warning: Video is slightly NSFW since it does include strippers. But, you probably knew that, right?

Baller Alert recently posted more footage from the fair, which again, slightly NSFW.

Who was at the Stripper job fair in Atlanta?

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