Tory Lanez Getting Wrecked One-On-One Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Basketball Skills

Contributing Writer

Basketball is not Tory Lanez‘ sport. He should have known that by now — being a grown man who is under 5’7 and not named Muggsy — but he had to learn that lesson the hard way in an absolutely embarrassing game of one-on-one.

A recap of the game was helpfully posted to Instagram where you can see every aspect of Lanez’ game get torn apart. It starts with his shot getting blocked into another zip code and it never gets better. When Lanez went to get the ball, he should have just kept on walking because the rest of the shots show Lanez’ opponent driving past him, burying shots in his face, stealing from him and just generally embarrassing him.

To be fair to Lanez, he would have to be pretty great at basketball to overcome the huge height difference here. Unfortunately, he isn’t. He really, really isn’t. We don’t know when or how his long-simmering war with Drake will end, but for Lanez’ sake we hope it isn’t settled on a court.

Of course, Lanez doesn’t need to be good at basketball. He’s still one of the most entertaining and energetic live performers in rap at the moment. But god, is it funny to watch him fail.

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