Troy Ave Pleads His Case On ‘Free Troy Ave’ Mixtape

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The old adage says “controversy sells” and Troy Ave is about to unfortunately put that to test with his new mixtape, aptly titled Free Troy Ave. The Brooklyn MC changed the title of the project from Real Vs. Fake while sitting in jail cell facing numerous charges stemming from a shooting at a T.I. concert in New York a few weeks ago.

In a widely circulated video, a man that appears to be Troy fires a shot at someone off camera while apparently bleeding from a gunshot wound in his own leg. For the first time since the shooting, he speaks on the incident, in a jail phone freestyle that opens the mixtape. It’s there he proclaims his innocence, saying “P*ssy n*gga tried to assassinate me/I took the gun from him and turned the tables round like a G.”

On another track Troy speaks about Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, his friend who died in the shooting. “I lost my best friend, and the sad part about it is I ain’t realize he was my best friend until I lost him,” he said. “That sh*t hurts more than these bullets when I got shot. Plus, you got elements that are out of my control that ain’t doing nothing but pouring salt in the wounds.”

Check out Troy’s mixtape Free Troy Ave below, featuring his testimony from jail as well as a track from his slain friend Banga.

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