Video: Big Sean Announces The Release Date For His New Mixtape “Detroit”

08.20.12 5 years ago

We been working hard, everyday for the past 8 months… And I can honestly say that me, my label, my team are more than excited how my new album sounds. It’s everything I want it to be n more. A true representation of what I stand for, what I believe in, how I live, great story telling, n great production. I took my time with it and it made all the difference. It will be coming out before the end of year and I can’t fuckin wait. We’ll be dropping the 1st track from the album very soon.

BEFORE my album, the GOOD Music Compilation “Cruel Summer” is coming which is scheduled for next month (Sep. 18th). BUT before that… I wanted to give u guys this mixtape I have on deck, I feel now is the perfect time for it, I wanted to make sure my album was pretty much done before i gave u a mixtape. Its a completely different set of songs from my album n from the GOOD compilation I think you’ll appreciate it tho. The name of the mixtape is “Detroit” and it will be out….
Big Sean

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