Video: DJ Mustard Plays The Original “Sanctified” Beat & Explains What Kanye West Did To It

04.07.14 4 years ago

In part 2 Mustard talks to Nick Huff Barili about making 10 beats a day on a “Normal Day” adding “If I’m with Mike Lee we can do 30.” Mustard says that he recently gave Nicki Minaj 15 beats which is pretty standard for him. He goes on to detail that he gave Kanye West 100 + beats. Playing the original beat for Sanctified, Mustard explains how Kanye slowed the beat and the instruments down and added sample. Mustard admits that when he first heard Kanye’s version of Sanctified he did not recognize it. Nick asks Mustard if he plans on working with the “J’s” (Jay Z, J Cole, Jay Electronica) now that he has signed to Roc Nation, to which Mustard responds “For Sure” adding that he already has beat for J Cole. Mustard states that people typecast him as only being able to make certain type of tracks but that he feels he can do anything. “I got a lot of records that people aint even going to know that I did, unless I put my tag on it.” Mustard doesn’t approach working with pop stars like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna any different than working with rappers adding that some of them want the hardcore rap stuff. He goes on to say that he wants to get a Grammy for producer of the year like Pharrell did. Part 2 of our interview ends with Mustard talking about what his Mom has meant to his career and him giving advice to young producers watching.

Check part 1 of the interview below. Do you think the final version of the, “Sanctified,” beat is better?

In part 1 Mustard talks to Nick Huff Barili about how he created “My Nigga” for YG, breaking down each element that went into the beat while at the legendary Encore Recording Studios where he records at. Mustard goes on to talk about how he knocks out most beats in under 30min, what inspired him to get into producing and how his cousin serving life sentence in jail made him stay away from gang life and focus on music. Part 1 of our interview ends with Mustard talking about the difference between a beat-maker and producer, how he prefers to work on whole albums and why he gets upset when people keep saying that he is influence by the Bay.

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