Video: Eminem, Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj & More Perform At The MTV VMA Awards

09.13.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Eminem & Rihanna

Here are videos of Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Nicki Minaj and more at the 2010 MTV VMA awards. Thoughts on this year’s show over all? I think Chelsea Handler pretty much sucked, you can check my twitter commentary below.

Will.I.Am took all black everything way too far.
BET Awards 2010 > MTV VMA Awards 2010
Cool song but not impressed, he didn’t take advantage of that huge stage like other people did.(Kanye)
Cher’s faces doesn’t move o_0 , is it a mask?
Justin Bieber pull up your pants, next you gonna rap. Already was flaggin earlier in the show.
This is the Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga and Eminem show. Everyone else is just extras taking up time.
Note to Mary J Blige husband, watch that light skin nicca!
Taylor Swift should of came on with a, “These Motherf***ers Mad That I’m Icey”!
Can Kanye West take the mic from Chelsea plssssssssssssss
Kesha look like she will give u something, i would only tap with the Will.I.Am outfit on.
Whenever I hear Blowing Money Fast I will picture Ross on that scooter smh.
F*** Jackass in 3D, lets see Nicki Minaj performance in 3D

Kanye West & Pusha T

Drake ft. Swizz Beatz & Mary J. Blige

Nicki Minaj & Will.I.Am


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