Video: Kanye West Gives Words Of Wisdom To The Oxford Guild

12.09.15 2 years ago

Kanye West spoke to the critically acclaimed and award-winning Oxford Guild Society, Oxford’s, the UK’s and Europe’s largest and oldest professional society, dating back to 1897, on Monday 2nd March 2015 at 3pm. This was an unprecedented, history making opportunity to hear from and ask questions of such a high profile figure and was a truly exciting event and a momentous occasion at the historic Oxford University Museum of Natural History which was established in 1850.

his was a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging talk from the legendary Kanye West and we hope you will enjoy watching the video recording online. Kanye West is a multi-award winning American rapper, songwriter, record producer, director, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. West is one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time, having sold more than 21 million albums and 66 million digital downloads.

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