The Weeknd Talks That OVOXO Collab Album With Drake We’ve Been Dying For

Life Writer

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Fans who only believe in that OVO and that XO have been fiending for a joint album ever since Drake put The Weeknd on to a wider audience with 2012’s “Crew Love.” For a hot second there, it almost seemed like Abel was going to sign to Drake’s OVO tent city, but the Starboy went with Republic Record and has been a bonafide superstar ever since. The signing also brought on rumors of a rift between the Toronto kings, but apparently that was all rumor and not an ounce of truth.

In his first video interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, The Weeknd confirmed that there really is a competitiveness with Drake, but it’s always been all love. “He came in as my big bro. Showed the world what I could do,” The Weeknd said. “From then on he’s always been supporting me and I’ve always been supporting him. Behind the scenes, we’re still very close. But it’s cool the world can see us doing our own thing.”

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