It Took Over 50 Years But William Bell Finally Won A Grammy

02.12.17 11 months ago

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William Bell was born in 1939, he hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time in 1961 and in 2017, he finally has his first Grammy. The legendary, 77-year-old singer took home the award for Best Americana Album for his first major label release in nearly 40 years This is Where I Live on Sunday night. While he received his award before the televised portion of the show, he did perform with Gary Clark. Jr, and Gary even stepped aside to acknowledge the accomplishment for a moment, where Bell noted: “If you spend you’re life making music, you were born under a good sign.”

According to The Los Angeles Times, he accepted his award by noting “This is quite a surprise.” The Memphis native who topped the Billboard R&B chart with “Tryin’ To Love Two” continued by saying “I am very humbled by it and glad to be here after all these years and still viable in the industry.”

Bell also did his share of thank yous before extending another to everybody he may have missed. “There’s always a host of people behind the artists and they never get their just due,” he said. “So this is for everybody who works so diligently, especially Stax Records.”

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