YG Wonders Why He Didn’t Get Any Credit For Saying ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ A Year Ago

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10.11.17 11 Comments

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The internet is currently in a tizzy over Eminem’s inflammatory, Donald Trump-berating BET Hip-Hop Awards show freestyle, but at least one user isn’t very impressed by the reaction to Em’s enthusiastic “F*ck Donald Trump!” at the end of his searing indictment of the current President. In a now-deleted tweet, Compton rapper YG questioned why Eminem received such an enthusiastic response, while his own “F*ck Donald Trump” went largely overlooked at a time when the former reality star could have been prevented from ever taking office in the first place.


“So we don’t get no credit for dissing TRUMP a year ago?” he asked, before following up with a shot across the NFL’s bows as well. “And f*ck the Cowboys’ owner 2. He’s a slave master,” he crowed, referring to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ threat to bench players for kneeling during the National Anthem in support of Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality and continued blackballing by the NFL.


YG deleted the tweets pretty quickly, however, excusing himself by blaming it on the alcohol in a later tweet. “Ok, that was the drank talkin’,” he wrote, which is still pretty epic when you think about it. When he sent those original tweets it wasn’t even lunchtime yet on the West Coast, and that kind of commitment to day-drinking in the middle of the week is impressive, if not necessarily commendable. It’s five o’clock somewhere, YG, so you’ll get no judgment from me. Check out the (year-old) video for “F*ck Donald Trump” below.

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