10 Forgotten ‘Boy Meets World’ Characters We Want Back on ‘Girl Meets World’

03.13.14 4 years ago

“Boy Meets World” is the best '90s family sitcom to think about endlessly. Why? Because for a mundane show about a kid growing up, finding romance, and suffering through school, it incorporated a lot of weird characters and story arcs. Remember that bizarre Halloween whodunnit Halloween episode from season five where it was revealed that Shawn might be a homicidal maniac? How about the one where Cory keeps dreaming about murdering Shawn, and Eric has that roommate who seems to be reliving “Psycho”? Good, homicidal times.

Hopefully “Girl Meets World,” the Disney Channel's new “Boy Meets World” spinoff with Cory and Topanga (Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel) as parents of a preteen daughter, will be just as nutty. And it looks like the show's on its way: We just learned that Stuart Minkus, the bratty nerd from season one of “Boy Meets World” played by Lee Norris, will be making a cameo on an upcoming episode of “Girl Meets World.” This is very good news. But now we have to wonder which other “BMW” characters should be invited back for a character update. Here are 10 of the weirder options we'd like to see. 

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