10 observations about Miley Cyrus’ full-frontal PAPERMAG photo shoot

06.09.15 2 years ago

Miley Cyrus has a new photoshoot. It is provocative. Here's what we think of it. (You can see all the NSFW shots here.)

1. This comes from PAPERMAG, the periodical that gave us Kim Kardashian's champagne-bursting extravaganza a few months ago. I prefer Miley's shoot. Whereas Kim seemed to be actively trolling us with zany expressions, Miley looks like she's revealing something about herself, even in her wackier stills. 

2. Miley has made a career out of imitating emojis. See below.


3. Here's a clear reason Miley is more like Madonna than Katy Perry or Britney Spears ever will be: She loves looking at you as you look at her. That's what makes Madonna's photoshoots so special, the sense of daring and adventure as she catches your eye. 


4. Flawless hair. Sharon Stone frost for a new generation. 

5. We need Miley to do a “Basic Instinct” throwback shoot. STAT. 


6. This girl loves a stunt. Her face in that picture says, “I love a stunt.”

7. Could that pig be giving a more fantastic expression? It's the “Oh no she didn't” of pig faces.

8. The pig's incredible manicure has me yearning for “Babe III: Pig's First Drag Revue.”

9. Only Miley could hug a pig in the nude and make it seem like the funnest, most comfortable activity in the world. 


10. The whole shoot is a pretty perfect representation of what Miley is: self-possessed, childlike, vulnerable, confrontational, silly, adult, strange, and serious. In a word: rad. 

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