10 reasons we used to love watching ‘True Blood’

Do your remember when you couldn't wait to watch “True Blood” every Sunday night? When Alan Ball's follow up to “Six Feet Under” was the campy, over-the-top fantasy melodrama everyone needed so we'd forget we had one more year of George Bush? That seems oh, so long ago, doesn't it?

Many forget that at one time “True Blood” was a somewhat critically acclaimed show (O.K., that might be an overstatement, but it had its supporters).  It was nominated for the Emmy for best drama series in 2010. It earned the equivalent nomination at the Golden Globes and PGA Awards twice. Unfortunately, the last three seasons have been such a deterioration of quality that when HBO announced season seven would be the last there wasn't much protest from viewers let alone critics.  

Of course, for a brief time “True Blood” was (to many of us) a Sunday night staple.  Bill's infamous pronunciation of Sookie as “Soookeeeh” became a pop culture moment.*  There were story lines that made it appear as the show had something truly special in the works (remember when we all thought Godric was the vampire Jesus and might actually be important to the show's long term storylines?).  There were even two or three cliffhangers that had us excited about what was to come.

*True story, I named one my cats Sookie because of this.

Now, “True Blood's” final season is here. We're gonna watch, but we know it's not something we urgently have to make time for like “Game of Thrones,” “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad.”  We're just going to hope it can find a way to help us remember the good old days.

With that in mind, check out our top 10 reasons we used to love “True Blood” in the embedded gallery in this post.  Agree? Disagree?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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