10 Things the Pope Hopefully Said As He Met Angelina Jolie

01.08.15 3 years ago

Here's Angelina Jolie meeting Pope Francis. She screened “Unbroken” at the Vatican. Hooray for Angelina! But here's what we hope Pope Francis had to say in return.


1. “There's such a thing as being too charitable. Settle down, Ang.”

2. “I respect that Shiloh wants to be called John, so I hope you can respect that I want to be called Big Pope Francey.”

3. “So, is 'Unbroken' the 'War Horse' of 2015? Because I couldn't sit through that.”

4. “'Changeling.' Good try.” 

5. “Please tell your father to stop calling me. I cannot help him.”

6. “Your husband has an Oscar for producing. Kind of cheating, isn't it?”

7. “You gonna make that Carmen Sandiego movie or what?”

8. “The cardinals and I all agreed that 'Salt' is underrated and 'Beowulf' was kind of hot.”

9. “I would honestly rather watch 'Elementary' than 'Fargo' if we're talking about the television ventures of your weird ex-husbands.”

10. “What's it like to have real power?”

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