10 things we learned from the new ‘Wolverine’ trailer

03.28.13 5 years ago

Oh, Wolverine. Things are never easy for you are they?  It can’t be easy having a mutant healing factor that slows down your aging process. You’ve lived over a century and lost too many loves to count including a fiery one that almost destroyed the world in “X-Men: The Last Stand.” Now, after a prequel movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and a flashback cameo in “X-Men: First Class,” Logan is back in “The Wolverine.” 

Inspired by the classic Chris Claremont and Frank Miller mini-series “The Wolverine” and a subsequent storyline in “Uncanny X-Men,” the new thriller finds Logan wrestling with his mortality after an elderly Japanese businessman tries (or should that be finally?) attempts to pay him back for saving his life during WWII. The film’s first complete trailer debuted today and it seemingly revealed a good deal about what’s in store for everyone’s favorite mutant with a healing factor and adamantium claws. 

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it embedded at the top of this post.  Then, check out 10 things we learned about “The Wolverine” in the story gallery embedded at the bottom of this article.

Are you excited about Logan’s return?  Share your thoughts below.

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