Amazing! 1,000 Italians perform Foo Fighters “Learn to Fly”

07.31.15 2 years ago


What happens when you get 1,000 hard rocking Italians together to celebrate their favorite band? You get one incredible performance of the Foo Fighters” song “Learn to Fly.”

The stunt was organized by Fabio Zaffagnini, the brains behind the Rockin' 1,000. It was his goal to get the Fighters to play Cesena, a city of around 100,000 people located in Northern Italy. So he gathered singers, guitarist, bassists and drummers from all over the country to perform.

”Italy is a country where dreams cannot easily come true,” Zaffagnini says. “But it”s a land of passion and creativity. What we did here is a huge, huge miracle.”

It looks like Zaffagnini”s hard work has paid off. Late Thursday, the band”s lead singer, Dave Grohl, responded on Twitter to his Italian fans.

He writes, “Ci vediamo a presto, Cesena,” which translates to “See you soon, Cesena.”

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