11 Fan Posters From 2014 That Put The Professionals To Shame


It”s that time again! Last year, I rounded up the best fan posters of 2013 to share with you guys. Which I guess makes this the Second Annual Celebration of Fans Doing It Better Than the Professionals Who Actually Got Paid. Or SACFDIBTPWAGP, for short.

If you need a reminder, movie posters weren”t always lazy and generic. They were an art form, meant to be framed and hung on walls across the country. GoodBadFlicks breaks down the breakdown of Hollywood”s poster creativity, if you”ve got the time.

Alas, one year of being shamed in a public forum was not enough for the powers that be to harken back to the days of oil paints and visually arresting imagery. Maybe two years is the magic number?

After the jump, see 11 posters from 2014 that would be right at home in a basement media room or cinephiles art collection.

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