11 Notes About Christopher Walken’s Pic as Captain Hook

09.24.14 3 years ago

Look, I can't get enough of these promo stills for “Peter Pan Live!”, the upcoming NBC musical event. We have Allison Williams as Peter, and now we have the first shot of — oh yes — Christopher Walken as Captain Hook, thanks to Entertainment Weekly

We have some observations about this, um, interesting photo.


1. Apparently Never Never Land is just a mural in your dentist's office.

2. It's hard to be scared of Captain Hook when he looks like Weird Al Yankovic dancing the hora. 

3. “Captain Hook” is apparently code for “Jafar's aunt who works at a Renaissance Faire.”

4. It's as if Steven Spielberg wanted to remake “Hook” for people who complained it wasn't embarrassing enough.

5. This could be an A.A. Milne short story called “Fabulous Christopher Robin vs. Drag Queen Eeyore.”

6. This might just be a horror film where Justin Bieber slays Prince.

7. Is that Captain Hook's “scary” face? He looks he's scolding us for forgetting to walk the dog. 

8. I guess Peter Pan is threatening to do a wonderful balance beam routine all over Captain Hook.

9. I can't decide whether this is a movie or a spooky miniature golf course.

10. Did you know Captain Hook is just a lost member of Twisted Sister? I didn't.

11. Walt Disney is thawing in his grave. 

“Peter Pan” is set to air December 4.

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