‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ helmets revealed but who cares? The deleted quote is the juicy bit


It”s happening. The shroud of secrecy erected by J.J. Abrams is fraying at the edges. By the time “The Force Awakens” hits theaters this December, the whole enterprise will have come undone. After all, once the head of the cat is out of the bag, the body is following after.

What does this mean? That “Star Wars Rogue One” details are already leaking out from verified sources. Like today, when actor Donnie Yen posted a photo to Instagram of the helmets to be used in the upcoming spin-off. Basically Instagram is the bane of Hollywood secrecy. Everyone wants to post photos of cool stuff and share it with their friends. The photo was quickly quickly scrubbed from his page, but the damage was done. A few hours later, the official Star Wars Twitter account reposted the image:

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

But perhaps Donnie Yen didn”t remove his Instagram post because of the helmets. Perhaps they are merely the distraction in this spoilery shell game. Star Wars may have shared the same photo but they left out Yen”s accompanying quote: “I am the force and I fear nothing.”

That sounds exactly like the kind of thing a blind Jedi would say. Perhaps a blind Jedi sent on a suicide mission to retrieve the Death Star plans…wait a minute!


Image Credit: Lucasfilm

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