12 big questions on ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ Justin Timberlake, Marvel and more

The great thing about the entertainment industry is there is always something new around the corner. So if a movie hits, or a TV show gets cancelled or an album surprises is always translates to something else.  “Gravity” is a hit? Does that mean Hollywood is going to go even crazier over having movies in IMAX 3D?  If “Breaking Bad” wins the best drama Emmy Award for last season will it dominate every TV honor for the next year? Success or failure, it always creates more questions. 

And, with that in mind, the HitFix staff has 12 questions on topics such as “Star Wars,” Justin Timberlake, the lack of ladies in country music, “Justice League” and the future of Focus Features.  Sound intriguing? Check out the embedded gallery in this article. Maybe you have the answers we’re looking for.

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