12 Flemish superhero portraits to make you long for a 17th century retelling


And lo, in the year of our Lord sixteen hundred and thirteen, the kingdoms of Metropolis and Gotham did join together in an alliance to fight their noble enemies of Themiscyra and Coast City. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, nobility from across the realm sat for portraits to create their likeness in the most flattering Flemish style.

Okay, sorry. But tell me you wouldn”t read that “What If” universe!

Artist Sacha Goldberger re-imagined some of our favorite superheroes – and supervillains – as nobility from the height of 17th century art styles. Entitled “Super Flemish,” the portrait collection uses techniques of counterpoint lighting and shadow to create somber, melancholy palette. Goldberger also applies the technique to other icons of pop culture; from Star Wars to Disney heroines, everyone is fair game for this art history project.

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