13 Pieces Of Emotionally Damaging ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Groot Fan Art


Without a doubt, “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a resounding success. Between the record breaking August opening weekend, the “OH MY GOD GO SEE THIS MOVIE” word of mouth, and the ability to make even the most cynical film critic enjoy life again, “Guardians” is pretty much an instant classic.

Perhaps the biggest winner of all though is Groot. How many people went into this film expecting to fall in love with a verbally challenged anthropomorphic tree voiced by Vin Diesel? Zero people, that's how many. But fall in love we did. And what better way to show our newfound love than through fan art?

#1 – Sure everyone says Star-Lord is the Han Solo of the group but this is a convincing argument otherwise.

Art By: Joopa Doops

#2 – I would pay good money to watch a thirty minute cross-over special starring these two.

Art By: Troy Summersett

After the jump, see 11 more homages to everyone's new favorite Flora Colossus. Warning! “Guardians of the Galaxy” spoilers ahead. Do not click unless you've seen the movie or are the rarest of breeds…those who can shrug off spoilers.

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