18 Normalized Headlines Expose Gossip For The Boring Sham It Is


Feminist blog 'The Vagenda' recently asked their readers to submit gossip headlines re-tooled to better explain what was happening in the photos. It was part of promotion for their new book 'Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide To The Media' which details all the crazy ways women are lambasted in media, even things aimed at specifically at us,  like women's magazines and gossip sites. The results were pretty hilariously amazing.

#1 – So what you're telling me is…women don't just roll out of bed looking airbrushed? 

Image Credit: Rebecca Sutton

#2 – Someone who works out as part of their job is in good shape? You don't say.

Image Credit: Laura Stewart

And it doesn't stop there. The Vagenda's twitter feed was inundated with snarky headlines tweaks both obvious and subtle See the rest after the jump!

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