19 Hilarious Out-Of-Context Comic Panels Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Deputy Entertainment Editor
06.06.14 2 Comments

Without context, the human brain has near unlimited capacity to fill-in the missing information. Invariably it always defaults to the dirtiest thing it can think of because we're all terrible people at heart. Comic books are no exception.

Some single panels take some effort to become hilariously dirty but others are so blatant you have to wonder how they got passed the censors. For example…

#1: Anyone who doesn't understand why a contingent of fans thinks it's feasible for Captain America and Iron Man to date should see how they flirt.*

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment
*Update: This image is actually photoshopped. Original here.

#2: Superman is a jerk and that is a well-documented fact. But it takes a lot of chutzpah to top Santa Clause on what appears to be a kid's treehouse roof.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

The list goes on and on. After the jump, see 17 more of the raunchiest accidental panels on offer from X-Men to Batman and beyond!

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