2 ‘Alaska State Troopers’ stars were killed in the line of duty

05.02.14 3 years ago

2 “Alaska State Troopers” stars were killed in the line of duty
Sgt. Patrick “Scott” Johnson and Trooper Gabriel Rich, who were featured on the Nat Geo reality show, were shot and killed Thursday after being called out to a remote village to provide backup for a standoff. UPDATE: Nat Geo pulls repeats of episodes featuring the two troopers.

Matthew Weiner feels like 14 episodes isn”t enough for the final “Mad Men” season
The structure of this season forced Weiner to come up with two season premieres and two season finales, which “allowed for less digression” into other characters, he tells Fresh Air. “This just made us really concentrate on the main characters,” he says, adding of the episode count: “It actually didn”t seem like enough episodes for what we had to do.” PLUS: Jared Harris returning to “Mad Men” – as a director.

“The Good Wife” would love to spin off Carrie Preston”s character, but…
“We've discussed it internally,” co-creator Robert King tells E!. “It always comes down to where you can put your energy. Our worry is that-we're not the kind of showrunners, unfortunately, who can take our eyes off this and do two things at once. I wish we could because there's no one more fun to work with and better comedian than Carrie Preston. There's such a cool show there.”

“Game of Thrones” director was “blown away” by this week”s episode
Michelle MacLaren, who directed this week”s and next week”s episode, says with a laugh: “I had thought they ate the babies – isn't that horrible?” PLUS: Feast on The Khaleesi Burger.

Arsenio Hall launches a crowdfunding campaign to buy the L.A. Clippers
Introducing “#ArsenioClipStarter.”

“Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson says sorry for using the N-word during taping of his show
Clarkson says he”s “begging for forgiveness” after unaired footage shoed him saying the N-word while reciting the children's nursery rhyme “eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”

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