20 hilarious Justice League jokes proving Warner Bros. ‘No Jokes’ Rule is a tragedy


Yesterday my co-worker Drew McWeeny dropped a piece of breaking news about the DC Cinematic Universe. Somewhere from high on the chain of command, the ruling has been handed down: no joking around.

The news was met with consternation at best and flat out nerd rage at worst. Why!? Why no jokes? Does this mean no humor at all? If “Man Of Steel” is the mold from which all DC properties are to be created from, then yes. Fans can look forward to a dire, nihilistic cinematic universe where primary colors and child fans need not apply.

But it doesn't have to be this way! Warner Bros. I beseech you. Take a page from the DC Animated Universe. Humor is so intertwined in the TV shows and straight-to-DVD movies without sacrificing the integrity of the characters. Don't give us a movie franchise fit only for melancholy college philosophers and downtrodden cynics when you could give us this comedy gold.

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