249 days until Star Wars: Droid unrest is simmering in DARTH VADER #4

04.13.15 2 years ago

Marvel Entertainment

For such paragons of justice, the Republics both new and old in Star Wars sure are quick to utilize slave labor. As long as it”s under the guise of shiny metal robotics.

Think about it. Within the lore of Star Wars, the droids showcase all the signs of sentience. The droid army feels fear upon attack during the Clone Wars, Artoo is the poster child for loyalty, IG-88 is an extremely competent bounty hunter, the list goes one. Whether programed to feel emotion or not is a moot point when you”ve got a droid in Season 6 of “The Clone Wars” skirting his programming to avoid a mind wipe.

To borrow from another universe, Captain Picard of “Star Trek” faced this same issue in “A Measure of Man,” when Data was to be consigned to dismantlement and reproduction. Picard asks, “How will we treat these creations of our genius? [What] kind of a people we are. And what [droids] are going to be. Do [we]condemn then to slavery?”

Without Patrick Stewart to be their champion, it appears the droids of a galaxy far, far away have begun to take matters into their own hands in DARTH VADER #4.

Image Credit: Marvel. Art by Salvador Larroca.

Arriving on the nearly deserted planet of Geonosis, Aphra casually drops this bit of information as if the galaxy shouldn”t be shaking in its boots that the droid uprising has begun. Well played, Kieron Gillen.


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