256 days until Star Wars: Alien in ‘Kanan: The Last Padawan #1’ looks awfully familiar


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WARNING: Spoilers for “Star Wars Rebels” if you aren't caught up on Season One.

If you”ve been watching “Star Wars Rebels” then you know that Han Solo/Luke Skywalker hybrid Kanan Jarrus isn”t who he appears to be. Sure he has a scoundrel's aversion to authority (aka the Empire) and the scruffy-looking nerf herder charm of a smuggler. But he is, in fact, a Jedi in hiding.

Still a padawan when Order 66 came down, somehow Kanan managed to escape and eke out a living under the radar for years. He also wears the exact same thing every day.

Image Credit: Disney XD

Now that can be chalked up to being an animated television show. Or, if you”re looking for an in-universe explanation, fashion is the least of the Rebellion”s priorities. But what if it”s something else?

Last week, Marvel and Lucasfilm released their latest collaboration with KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN #1. Written by Greg Weisman, the on-going comic aims to bridge the space between Order 66 and where Kanan is at the beginning of Lucasbooks novel “Star Wars: A New Dawn.” In the inaugural issue, Kanan and his Jedi Master are still fighting in the Clone Wars. During an exchange a species called the Kallerans (who look a bit like nagas from World of Warcraft only with clothes), one of the locals is as unimpressed with the Republic as he is with the Separatists.

Image Credit: Marvel. Art by Pepe Larraz

We already know Kanan”s Master isn”t going to make it past Order 66. “Star Wars Rebels” makes that clear. So who is going to help a young human survive in a world that suddenly thinks of him as the enemy? I”m not saying it”s going to be the guy who”s style Kanan is clearly emulating as an adult. I”m just saying it”s a pretty suspicious coincidence.

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