280 days until Star Wars: Marvel teases SHATTERED EMPIRE event this fall


Marvel Entertainment

Okay, now Disney/Lucasfilm is just messing with us. There is literally no other information. Just this image with the promise of a new story in September of 2015.

What does it mean? Well, probably that we”re going to find out exactly what happens you lop off the head of a galactic empire. Create a power vacuum and the villains don”t just slink into the night. They fight over the carcass and who knows how many innocent civilians are caught in the power grab.

All those smiling faces above, celebrating their victory and the destruction of the Death Star, lasted only as long as it took them to discover a dozen Grand Moffs” had each declared themselves the new Emperor and started blasting anyone who said otherwise. Enjoy your Endor fireworks guys, it”s gonna be a long slog to freedom.

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