3 Celebrities Who Know How to #TBT

05.21.15 2 years ago

Ah, Throwback Thursday, the day we all post pictures of things from our pasts as if people care what our hair looked like two years ago. Weirdly enough, if you”re a celebrity, people really do care what your hair looked like two years ago, and also care about the most inane  activity you partook in last week. This encourages a grand amount of dull #TBT material-there are only so many pictures I need to see of Kim Kardashian posing in front of a mirror or a Victoria”s Secret model on a red carpet. I get it, celebrities do celebrity-type things, we are reminded of this regularly, there is no need for Thursdays to be a day for us to remember that in the recent past a celebrity did something that a celebrity would typically do. However, every now and then a celeb posts a #TBT pic worthy of our attention. Here are three celebrities who won Throwback Thursday today:

1. Amy Schumer


Always setting trends #tbt #rednoseday

A photo posted by @amyschumer on May 21, 2015 at 9:44am PDT


Yes! A picture from early childhood. A version of Amy we would never get to see if she didn”t choose to share it with us. The picture is also relevant and serves a purpose other than to brag about how cute she was as a kid. In case you literally live under a rock, today is Red Nose day, where celebrities everywhere wear red noses to raise awareness/money for poverty-stricken children. So, Amy”s #TBT is both a genuine throwback to a time long gone, and a philanthropic gesture. Good job, Amy.

2. Ryan Phillippe


when b.i.g. was small #tbt for his bday #rp @complex

A photo posted by @ryanphillippe on May 21, 2015 at 11:05am PDT


This hottie/weirdo (personal opinion) also chose to make #TBT not all about himself. To celebrate Throwback Thursday AND Biggie Smalls” birthday, he posted this pic of Biggie as a notorious child.  Selfless and educational. Yesterday I didn”t know what Biggie Smalls looked like as a kid, today I do. Thanks, Ryan!

3. Elisabeth Moss


Just this past Sunday, “Mad Men” came to an end. Considering “Mad Men” was one of this generation”s most beloved shows, I would say a #TBT that gives us insight into a one of the final ever behind the scenes moments is a valuable token. Photos in which celebrities show off their celebrity faces are a dime a dozen, but a “Mad Men” sneak peak is priceless, and greatly appreciated.

I”m sorry that only three celebrities won this week, but there were a lot of disappointing posts out there. Thank you to Amy, Ryan, and Elisabeth who brightened our day for a moment with memories of better times. And for the rest of you, please remember that just because it happened in the past doesn”t mean we all need to know about it. Stay tuned for next week”s winners! 

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