315 days until Star Wars: Grand Moff Tarkin makes his ‘Rebels’ debut in new clips

02.05.15 3 years ago


One of the great things about Star Wars is how fans can watch the films, enjoy them for what they are. and go on their merry way. OR they can dive under the surface and come back with bits of obscure lore where their times tables used to be. Whatever your level of commitment to Sparkle Motion™, the Star Wars universe has something for you.

For example, these two clips from the upcoming episode of “Star Wars Rebels” feature the series' debut of the genocidal Grand Moff Tarkin. Seems pretty straight-forward, right?

Star Wars Rebels: “Tarkin Arrives” on Disney Video

Star Wars Rebels: “The Jedi Are Dead” on Disney Video

But where does this fit in the timeline? “Star Wars Rebels” takes place approximately 4 years before the events of “A New Hope.” So at this point, it”s safe to say Wilhuff Tarkin is deeply entrenched at the top of the Imperial hierarchy. 

By the time he makes his appearance here, the Grand Moff has dedicated years to construction of the Death Star. Oddly, he seems unaware that the Inquisitor is still rooting out the remaining Jedi and new Force Sensitives under the command of Darth Vader. It seems the Empire is good at compartmentalization, even amongst friends.

But with Tarkin in the mix and a supposed Jedi on the loose, can an appearance by the Darth Vader* be far behind? I doubt “Rebels” would dedicate a lot of time on the relationship between Wilhuff and Anakin, but after the release of ”Tarkin” by James Luceno last year, it”d be nice to see the results of a decade of respect – if not friendship – between Palpatine”s two favorite lapdogs. Especially if one of them has been keeping secrets.**

*Darth Vader”s appeared as a cameo in the ABC broadcast of “Star Wars Rebels,” but on the holoprojector, not in the flesh.
**It's entirely possible Tarkin knows some Jedi survived the purge and is merely keeping up propaganda appearances.

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