37 days until Star Wars: ‘The Force Awakens’ gives up some of Rey and Finn’s secrets

11.11.15 2 years ago

Another day, another round of images from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” As we head into the home stretch, more and more of the characterizations are falling into place. Disney has kept the plot tightly under wraps, but the motivations and personalities of the main characters give plenty of puzzle pieces to work with.

Today Entertainment Weekly released a flood of new photos from “The Force Awakens.” That would be tantalizing on it”s own, but nearly ever photo came with an accompanying bit of information from the cast and crew. We still don”t know the last names of Rey or Finn – and we sure don”t know where Luke Skywalker is – but fans can finally get to know the mysterious new main characters.


#1: Rey

Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Lucasfilm

We”ve known Rey (Daisy Ridley) is living on Jakku at the beginning of “The Force Awakens” but what we didn”t know was how long she”d been there or the extend of her isolation. Scavenging the remnants of a downed Star Destroyer isn”t part of some mission…it appears to be her life. In the international trailer Rey says she”s waiting for her family. She”s been waiting a long time.

“When something occurs when you”re 5, you know what went on but you don”t understand the reasoning. She”s never sat around a table and had a meal with someone else. She works to feed herself, and she goes to sleep, and she gets up again. It is a sad life.”

So here we have another orphan, raised on a desert planet with no knowledge of the Jedi outside of stories, waiting on word from their family. If Rey isn”t a Skywalker, I will eat my hat.

#2: Finn

Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Lucasfilm

The great debate has been whether or not Finn is a stormtrooper that defects or a Rebellion spy infiltrating the First Order. It looks like we have our answer: Finn was raised for battle. With the fall of the Empire, First Order troops were conscripted from childhood and indoctrinated to fear and hate the Rebellion. Luke Skywalker is seen as a sinister villain who destroyed the benevolent Empire. Entertainment Weekly also confirmed the First Order is merely a remnant of the Imperial forces. As for Finn, how does he end up stealing Poe Dameron”s jacket and landing on Jakku? Boyega had some insight.

“It”s about looking for a greater purpose, rather than thinking, ‘This is the only thing I can do.” He wants to change. He wants to make a difference. He”s trying to find some kind of moral dignity in this war.”

How Poe convinces Finn to abandon the only world he”s ever known remains to be seen! However events unfold, this photo of Kylo Ren sans helmet in the snow-covered forest throws the sequence of Rey crying into a new light. Will Kylo Ren take down an untrained and anxious Finn? If so, hopefully he is merely injured and Rey comes into her Force powers in time to save the day!

Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Lucasfilm

Information was also revealed about Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Captain Phasma. You can see it all over at Entertainment Weekly!

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” takes over the world on December 18.

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