Streamfix: 4 to Celebrate Tom Selleck’s 70th Birthday

01.29.15 3 years ago


The impossible has happened; the dreaded day we all knew would come is here. Tom Selleck is 70.

Not that he looks or acts it, as long as they still make moustaches in this country.

While we can”t turn back the clock but we can take a look back in time at the stunning career of America”s last great PI heartthrob and honor him on his special night.

Raise a glass to the man himself and enjoy these four Tom Selleck classics,  available on your finer streaming services.

“Magnum P.I.”  (Netflix, Amazon)

The series that started it all for Mr. Selleck still holds up as one of the iconic television detective show.  For many it comprises the middle section of a Holy Trinity of late 70″s – early 80″s series running from “Rockford Files” to “Magnum” to “Miami Vice.”  Magnum also stands out as the first series to feature a Vietnam vet as its protagonist, giving the laid back, Hawaii freeloading lifestyle it portrayed a surprising complexity.  Binge watch them all!

“High Road to China” (Amazon)

After famously passing on the Indiana Jones role, Selleck went on after that film”s runaway success to star in his own version of a mid-Century swashbuckler tale.  “High Road” is not perhaps the all time classic that “Raiders” turned out to be, but it is a very fun, very solid action adventure with Mr. Selleck never less than totally enjoyable to follow.  Give it a shot.

“In and Out” (Netflix, Amazon, iTunes)

Selleck first showed his ability to have fun with his screen persona playing opposite Kevin Kline as a gay television reporter who helps the star come to terms with his sexualty. A very fun performance, showing Selleck”s excellent capacity for light comedy that would serve him well for much of the decade that followed.

The Jesse Stone movies (Netflix, Amazon, iTunes)

Selleck”s series of hard-boiled detective films about a dissolute former baseball player turned crime-solver, based on the novels by Robert Parker, are a detective fan”s detective films.  Serious mystery and serious fun.

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