5 Hilarious Vids of Craig Ferguson Replacement James Corden

08.05.14 3 years ago

English entertainer James Corden is poised to replace Craig Ferguson on CBS' “Late Late Show,” and that begs the question: Who?

Corden is an actor, comic, writer, and presenter who first experienced great success with his British series “Gavin & Stacey,” but he's since found international acclaim in other venues. He's amiable, informed, and approachable-seeming, and in that way his appeal is not much different than Ferguson's. But still, he has some specific areas of talent that are new and fascinating. Here are five of Corden's most appealing characteristics. 

1. He can rap.

Here is on the British game show “A League of Their Own” throwing down with impressive speed. That line about the long jump is also hilarious.

2. He has Broadway chops.

Corden won the Tony for Best Actor in a Play in “One Man, Two Guvnors,” a zany Commedia dell'arte play with plenty of runaround antics. Here's just some of his vaudevillian antics.

3. He's not above a good prank.

How do ensure your favorite soccer team's victory? By calling up the other team and saying the game is canceled. Done.

4. He can pull off a solid Kanye West tribute.

Corden and Jack Black toasted Kanye West at a “Glamour” event, and it's actually a legitimate production. Props to both parties.

5. He's even endearing when explaining why he cut off Adele

Adele flipped off a room full of suits when Corden was forced to cut off her victory speech at the Brit Awards a couple years ago. When he explained the snafu to Jonathan Ross, he somehow became even more likable. Pretty impossible a feat. 

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