5 much better suggestions for defacing Queen Elizabeth’s portrait

06.13.13 5 years ago

God save the queen’s portrait! A painting of Queen Elizabeth was defaced earlier today by an angry Englishman with a can of spray paint. The work, which was on public display at Westminster Abbey, shows the queen looking somber and stately in a long red robe. The man wrote ‘HELP” across the painting in yellow spray paint, evidently in an attempt to bring attention to a political group he belongs to called Fathers4Justice, which advocates for fathers who have been denied access to their children.

The paint offender was arrested and the portrait removed from view, but that doesn’t have to be the end of this story. Here are 5 much more effective ways the painting could have been defaced.

1. Banksy must have his say in British politics:

2. Wouldn’t the Queen’s robe make a lovely red carpet?

3. Viral marketing time!

4. Oh, god. Really, Perez Hilton?

5. The Lannisters? They send their regards but want you to know the throne will be theirs.

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