6 reasons it is WAY past time to give Lois Lane her own comic series


Lois Lane. The character has been a household name for almost 80 years. This, despite a lack of superpowers or even standalone story arcs, is a testament to people”s love of this character. From the Golden Age of comics to the television show “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”, Lois has played a superb second fiddle to the last son of Krypton since 1938.

That”s long enough.

It”s high time DC Comics let her step out of the shadow and into her own comic. Yes, Lois has starred in her own ongoing series in the past, but something entitled SUPERMAN”S GIRLFRIEND LOIS LANE didn”t exactly reflect the tough-as-nails reporter Lane started out as…

Image Credit: DC Comics

…nor the one she has become in the Bronze and Modern ages of comics.

Image Credit: DC Comics

Last year DC flirted with the idea of expanding Lois”s role in the New 52 beyond that of a plot device with a one-shot comic by Marguerite Bennett (who has gone on to write BOMBSHELLS and BATGIRL for DC Comics and A-FORCE for Marvel). In SUPERMAN: LOIS LANE, there was promise of a multifaceted character with a checkered past and motivations outside of “Date Superman.”

Bring that Lois Lane back. With more women than ever reading comic books, the opportune moment has arrived. After the jump, see six reasons the Daily Planet”s star journalist deserves her own permanent spin-off.

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