7 times the ‘Supergirl’ premiere was delightfully, unapologetically feminist


It has been THIRTY-SIX years since a female-driven superhero show graced American television screens. In 1979, CBS pulled the plug on “Wonder Woman” after three seasons. What followed was the darkest timeline, bereft of meta-human ladies standing solo in the spotlight. Now CBS has brought us “Supergirl” and based on the pilot, it”s the breath of fresh feminist air women been gasping for.

Not just with the over-arcing concept either. The team behind “Supergirl” know exactly what they”re doing. Everything from the casting to the characterizations to the dialogue to the major themes are weighted with what it”s like for a woman living in a man”s world. Frankly? It”s about time.

After the pilot, I calculated at LEAST seven different ways “Supergirl” dealt with everything from micro-aggressions to double standards.


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