8 big questions from last season that ‘The Walking Dead’ needs to answer

10.07.15 2 years ago

Every year like clockwork, October brings us three things: gorgeous leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and “The Walking Dead.” This Sunday – October 11th – we”ll rejoin the group and the residents of Alexandria as they try to forge a new way forward together. 

It took five seasons, but Rick Grimes and the gang finally found a refuge that wasn”t overrun with walkers or full of dystopian governors and/or cannibals. But while everyone in the group finally shook loose their paranoia long enough to realize Alexandria wasn”t a trap, a new problem arose to fill the void: the people living inside this relative safety were clueless and vulnerable. 

With the walker problem getting more persistent and the wolves soon to be sniffing around their door, “The Walking Dead” appeared to be setting up our heroes to be the protectors of this miraculous haven of civilization. But first they have to wrap up a few loose ends. To prepare for the Season 6 premiere, here”s a quick refresher on what was happening when we last saw everyone and the burning questions still left unanswered.

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